Personalised Walnut and Maple Watch Box with Pearl Inlay


Walnut and Maple Box with Maple Splines, featuring Jersey Oyster Shell Inlay bordering the box lid and the text inside the lid

The wooden box rooted in quality, the body is made of selected Walnut with continuous grain wrapping all the way around with Maple splines accenting each corner. The box top features a checkerboard pattern of Walnut and Maple and is bordered by an inlay of Mother Of Pearl Jersey Oyster Shell. 

The soft felt interior provides insulation and water resistance and creates a surprisingly durable finish whilst being soft and sumptuous. The separators can be lifted out or customised accordingly. Wooden watch cusions wrapped in soft felt can be added to the order.

Enter name or initials and a preffered font and size. If you are not sure about the font and size you want we can choose one for you

Dimensions N/A

Walnut, Maple, Jersey Oyster Shell



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