Walnut or Sapele Coasters with Pearl Inlay


A set of 4 costers

The use of Sapele wood adds a touch of natural beauty with its rich reddish-brown tones and exquisite grain patters while the Walnut wood option is known for its rich, warm tones with a distinct character and charm. These sustainable hardwoods are not only visually striking but also known for their durability, ensuring your coasters will stand the test of time.

Each coaster is engraved with a map of Jersey detailing the 12 parishes inlaid with local mother of pearl, a material obtained from the inner layer of the shell of the oysters.

A discreet cork backing provides protection for your surfaces and extra grip.

The individual coasters measure 100mm x 100 mm with a thickness of 12 mm.

Below is a video showing how the Mother Of Pearl inlay is done in our Jersey workshop.



Dimensions N/A

Sapele, Walnut


105 mm x 105 mm


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