Sapele Wine Butler with Pearl Inlay


A two glass Wine Butler designed to sit atop your favourite vintage allowing you to display your glassware. Made of African Sapele it features an elegant flowing curve design and is inlaid with a floral pattern of local Mother of Pearl



A sapele wine bottle and glass holder featuring a golden to dark reddish brown colour that darkens with age and a wavy wood grain that shimmers in the light.

The curved design is engraved with a floral pattern inlaid with local mother of pearl, a material obtained from the inner layer of the shell of the oysters.

It sits atop a bottle of wine and two glasses are held in place by their stem to display your favourite vintage and glassware or carry a bottle and glasses in one hand.

Make this gift personal with customisation, let us know what design/name you would like (+£7) Please message us with details for a custom order. 



Sapele, Pearl Inlay


25.5 cm length, 8 cm width, 1.2 cm height


Floral Pattern, Custom (+£7)


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